How long will my order take to be delivered?

We aim to deliver most orders in approximately 5-10 days  however some designs can take a lot longer up to 10 Days.

We will always call you to arrange delivery two days in advance we can usually give you a delivery slot of 3 hours and our driver will call you on the day.

Will the driver take the bed to my room?

Delivery is to ground floor doorstep only, the driver will only take it into the room if fitting has been booked in advance.

How many parts does my bed come in?

Most beds are in 4 or 5 pieces for easy home assembly

Do you offer a fitting service?

Yes £50 for a standard bed and £100 for a gas lift storage bed this is paid to the drivers on the day and can be booked once we call you to arrange delivery.

How can I tell that a bed will be comfortable for me?

Spend more time making the right choice of bed – trying them out properly in store; assessing from previous experience the level of firmness/softness you like. It’s your decision – not the salesman’s!

Should I buy a hard bed to ease my aches and pains?

What you need is a new bed which offers the right support for your spine (not necessarily hard at all!) Remember that the term orthopaedic and other derivations of the word only mean that the bed is a firmer specification from that manufacturer. There are no universal standards of firmness in common usage in the UK. BUT if you have a back or skeletal problem you should consult your GP or Specialist before buying.

Will you take away my old bed?

Unfortunately we don’t offer this service as only a licensed waste trader can offer this.

How can I get the most from my mattress?

Most mattresses need regularly turning to ensure even wear and tear and today’s mattresses can be pretty heavy, so be careful! However, there are now plenty of non-turn options, which only need swivelling around from time to time, while others need to be turned only.

Will a more expensive bed be better to sleep on?

Not necessarily as comfort is a matter of individual preference; a very firm expensive bed may be uncomfortable if you prefer a softer mattress but a better quality bed will be more expensive than a poor quality one because the thicker, more luxurious mattress fillings and covers are more costly

Should I buy a divan or a framed bed?

it’s a personal choice that has a lot to do with the look of your room. Divans are upholstered box with built-in drawers which give handy storage space, but many people are choosing framed beds as a fashion statement.

What’s your top fashion tip?

Velvet & Chenille is a real hot ticket at the moment – it’s reasonably priced, but has the luxe feel of great quality. Very chic in a contemporary room.

Can you make my headboard smaller or taller?

As we manufacture all our own beds we can fully customise your bed frame no charge for shorter beds simply place a message with your order.

Taller headboards are at a cost of £50 please check access wont be an issue we don’t normally recommend anything taller than 54 inches as a joint is required in the upholstering process. With most designs we can also make the headboard in two pieces.

What are the standard bed sizes?

There are no uniform or universal standards of sizes or names for bed sizes that have to be used in law: the terms that are used are descriptive and there is no guarantee that the term King, for example, will be applied to exactly the same size product by different manufacturers. Metric sizes are not exactly the same as imperial sizes, either. The following are the most common sizes available:

Common Name

Usual Size (imperial)

Usual Size (metric)


3ft x 6ft 4in

90 x 200cm


4ft 6in x 6ft 4in

135 x 200cm


5ft x 6ft 6in

150 x 205cm

Super King

6ft x 6ft 6in

180 x 205cm